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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Social Media Marketing Tips Simplified

As social media marketers, we all want to achieve our target. However, the process is not so simple. Moreover, the growing number of social media platforms has compelled marketers to come up with innovative ways to reach out to their target audience while maintaining stability and consistency. Here are my tips that can help you streamline your engagement process.

  • Think like a marketer, act like a publisher
  • Build your strategy on stability, reliability, consistency and simplicity
  • The real makeover comes with the content flexibility. The idea is to adapt to the customers' needs
  • Content Packaging, positioning and precision matters
  • To become a best friend of your own marketing strategy, think like a customer
  • The process of influence begins with relevance
  • Stick to content precision
  • The best place to decide marketing strategy is at the other side of the table
  • Sharing is all about adding value to your presence
  • Content is your engagement engine
  • Efficiency and effectiveness will come with relevance and influence
These tips are a great combination of content, engagement, relevance and influence. Let's make social media marketing stable, simple and consistent. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Four Ideas to Drive Effective Branding Strategy

Branding is all about taking your products/services to your target audience. An effective branding helps marketers to create stable market presence and improved ROI. Although the branding strategy may depend or change marketer to marketer, there are four key ingredients that remain constant for every marketer. These four ideas or concepts simplify the process for marketers to reach out to their customers. Let's elaborate them.

1) Be Simple: Very important and effective way to take your business to the customers. Let's simplify your brand to make it easier for customers to understand and connect. The extensive use of marketing jargons in your marketing messaging may stop customers from associating for it. The customer networking process needs to be simple and convenient. Be elaborative in explaining your brand to your customers in terms of benefits, features, competition or even problems. This simplicity will drive customers to get connect with your brand and be with you for a longer period of time.

2) Be Reliable: Often, customers tend to go with the brands that are reliable in the market. When initiating a stable branding strategy, every marketer should keep this in mind. By reliability, it means consistency in solving customers' problems and consistency in reaching out to the customers. Reliability is one of the key factors that help marketers initiate and stabilize effective product positioning in the market.

3) Be Realistic: For me, branding is all about truth. It's very important for marketers to showcase true picture of their business to the customers. Any unhidden marketing agenda may dent the long-term marketing objectives. Your realistic approach towards customers and market will help you build brand loyalty and improved conversion opportunities. Consistent conversation marketing will help you in this whole process.

4) Be Stable: Along with the reliability comes stability. This factor is effective when it comes to market competition. Customers tend to favor those brands which are stable. By stability, we mean ability to deliver constant market results and customer services.

Branding is not just about showcasing your products/services, it's about simplifying the process which helps customers to connect with your company.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Adwords Conversion: Some Tips

To create a successful Adwords ad, you need a balance between three important factors, i.e Ad copy, keywords and landing page. There are other factors like bidding, ad rotation etc, however, the process begins with these three key factors. So here are some tips to improve conversions from Adwords...

  • Create user centric, targeted and precise ad copy. Include some important keywords within your ad copy.
  • Keep your keyword selection short, simple and focused.
  • Create an ideal landing page experience. By ideal I mean, where your ad is reflected. Clear visibility of CTA, simple navigation and precise content.
  • Keep an eye on your keywords' performance
  • See what's working and what's not working for you.
  • Try A/B testing of your ad copy
  • Have negative keywords

For me, landing page serves as a home page to any user who does not know about your company or business. In this scenario, deliver a precise experience to your user to portray a complete picture of your business, products or services. Let the process of user engagement simplified. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Social Media: The Conversation Marketing

Engagement is the heart, soul and mind of social media marketing. Social media has given both marketers and customers plenty of opportunities to initiate a process where customers can know brands, and brands can know their customers. This to-and-fro process establishes a healthy dialogue between brands and customers, helping customers make financial decisions. Hence, engagement lies at the core of economics associated with the social media marketing.

Through social channels, which can be used at no cost, customers can now empower themselves with smart buying decisions and can influence other potential customers as well. This influence aspect has forced marketers to focus on relevance, in terms of content, promotion and reach. Marketers, irrespective of their market size, are endorsing social media channels to engage and empower customers for better business outcome.

With social media, customers have now become aware of the mediums that can help them consume better and quality content. This content consumption has helped them grow as smart buyers. With wide exposure to online platforms, brands are now looking for options that can help them improve and stay close to the customers. Unlike traditional print marketing, social media  has made it possible for marketers to penetrate into customers' mind and influence buying decisions. However, to attain that, marketers need to be committed to the engagement. 

In social media, the essence lies in creating and maintaining stable customer conversation. Marketers cannot ignore the power social media has given to the customers. Hence, to know what customers want, marketers have to be on their toes. They cannot get away with the monologue. There has to be a continuous dialogue between brands and customers.

To conclude, engagement will help both marketers and customers achieve what they want. Marketers want numbers, and customers want quality. Engagement is the link that will bring these two close to deliver sustainable marketing situation.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Checklist for PPC Campaign Success

Several factors go into conceptualize and design a successful PPC campaign. From start to finish, marketers have to be on their toes to get that extra benefit from their PPC campaign. They have to understand each and every perspective they think can add value to their efforts, which makes it very time-consuming and tiring. However, there's a smarter way to do it. I am gonna share a small checklist that can help you optimize your efforts for maximum gain.

1) Understand what your customers are looking for
2) Identify keywords that you can relate with your business and customers
3) Create precise and simple ad text
4) Use CTA within your ad text
5) Have a landing page that can relate to your keywords and ad text
6) Design your landing with clear marketing message
7) Place your CTA above the fold in your landing page
8) Create thank you page to acknowledge customers' efforts
9) Have minimum navigation on your landing page
10) Maintain balance between images and content to deliver precise and perfect landing page experience

I hope these simple tips will help you navigate through tidy and critical PPC campaign exercise.

I am looking forward to your suggestions and comments...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Social Media and Engagement: An Unconditional Love Affair

Truly, social media and engagement are inseparable and compelling duo. In every successful online marketing  campaign, these two go hand-in-hand. They enjoy reciprocal relationship, which ensures enhanced and stable marketing outcome for marketers. Engagement is the heart and soul of social media marketing. You can use money to buy numbers, however, it cannot buy you engagement. Without engagement, your social media efforts will not have sustainable, consistent and stable outcome. Engagement is a much-needed inventory for anyone in social media who is targeting long-term marketing outcome.

Sustainable Growth

 Social media is all about human, hence, it is essential to humanize the communication delivery to enrich the engagement aspect. Let the customers know that you want serious and consistent engagement with them, rather than just selling intention. Your seriousness and commitment towards engagement will help you garner improved customer attention and stable business outcome.

Most of the times, marketers tend to move towards automation to gain speed and convenience in their social marketing efforts. However, too much dependency on automation is harmful for the customer engagement. In social media, it is advisable to initiate stable and constant customer contact, which can help brands to stay in front of the customers always. But this whole process should not look like a an automated mechanism and there has to be a human aspect associated with it. This human aspect will ensure the existence of engagement in your social media marketing efforts. 

Social media is all about engagement. Those who understand the real value of engagement in social media will always continue to romance this beautiful and ever-lasting concept to make the whole process of social media interesting, exciting, and enticing.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Google Adwords: Some Useful Tips

Google Adwords have come out as a handy and important tool in online marketing landscape today. Be it a small marketer or establish brand, every business wants to use this exciting marketing opportunity for maximum results. Be it an organic search or paid search, Google is the king of the web, and marketers want to encash every opportunity provided by Google to reach out to their target audience. There are several factors associated with the success of Adwords campaign, however, in particular, there are three key factors that need extra attention. They are a) Landing Page b) Keywords and c) Ad Text. These three factors play a pivotal role in spearheading your Adwords Campaign to a grand success.

Now, let's talk about these factors in detail.

a) Landing Page: The most crucial factor in the success of your Adwords campaign. If you wish to make most out of your paid campaign, then it is advisable to have precise and well-positioned landing page. Precise in terms of content that addresses visitor's requirement, and well-positioned in terms of CTA, navigation, etc which makes the whole process easier for the user. You can find out more details on designing an ideal landing page here.

Your landing page serves as a home page to any new visitor coming from the paid ads. Hence, it has to serve its purpose. The best strategy for a landing page is not to confuse visitors once they come to your page, and let them easily know what you want them to do. This preciseness and simplicity will feature in your ROI of Adwords campaign. An effective and efficient landing page helps create stable and powerful first-time visitor experience. This will help you hit the bullseye with your paid marketing strategy.

b) Keywords: Right keywords ensure right audience and right results. It is very important for marketers to choose right keywords that can be associated with the industry and customers. This keyword relevance will result in long-lasting brand influence for marketers. With precise keywords, marketers can enjoy an improved marketing ROI, sustainable results, and a profitable outcome. This is not the end of the story...There is a process associated with your PPC campaign to reach out to a perfect keyword strategy. A step-by-step process, which involves research, identification and bidding, will fetch you maximum results. Every marketer has to undergo this process to derive an ideal keyword strategy to get to a successful Adwords campaign. These three steps are very crucial to be there at the top of your campaign.

c) Ad Text: The best strategy is to include targeted keywords in your ad text, this will make it more relevant and yield better results for you. To make this concept simple, I will put it into pointers...

1) Be precise, be real
2) Never hide anything from your customers
3) Keep it simple and straight
4) Use features or benefits. Make them visible
5) Make it identical to your landing page
Adwords is all about precision, be it landing page, keywords or ad text, you cannot afford to be off target. The concept is too big and too deep, however, with this small piece, I have tried to make it simple and straight. There are other technicalities associated with these mentioned factors, but my idea is to put them together for a better start. I am very much sure to have your comments on this post.